Shockwatch New ZealandShockwatch New Zealand is a privately owned company based in Auckland, New Zealand specializing in damage prevention products and has operated in business since 1995.  We distribute a wide range of indicators monitoring tilt, shock and temperature providing excellent solutions to our customers product handling concerns.   We supplement this range with safety cutters and tamper evident tape to completely fulfill your product handling requirements.

With 15 years hands on freight experience we are able to offer customers the correct products for their needs and provide an enhanced management programme with support through education and training in correct product handling and packaging procedures.

Shockwatch NZ is a world leader in providing damage prevention solutions, offering reliable and leading technology products together with a high standard of service and support .  We aim to give our customers up-to-date leading edge solutions to their packaging and freight handling concerns. Damage claims do not have to be part of running your business and Shockwatch New Zealand has the answer to your freight handling issues.

Shockwatch / Tiltwatch
Shockwatch and Tiltwatch products manage goods in transit and storage - detecting impact and mis-handling.
Equipment / Forkhoist Monitoring
Equipment and Forkhoist Monitoring products manage equipment in the workplace, reducing workplace accidents.
Child Safety
Protect tiny fingers from door slams with the Barton Door Blocker!
Impact Data Loggers
Impact Data Loggers define and record your shipping and storage environment.
Safety Cutters
Easy Cut Safety Cutters enable packaging to be safely removed without damage.
Temperature Control
Trekview Temperature Monitors record fluctuations in the temperature of sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceutical products.
Tamper Evident Tape
Tamper evident tape deters unauthorized opening of confidential parcels and envelopes.