Easy Cut 4000 NZ

The new Easy Cut 4000 cuts open boxes without damaging product inside — even something as soft as a balloon!  Easy Cut 4000 is now available in New Zealand at Shockwatch.co.nz.

Here is the Press Release from product developer ADCO Industries:

ADCO Industries, a global product development and retail solutions company, announced today that it has launched the new Easy Cut 4000, a breakout new box cutter that stops product damage and accidents to employees. Product damage and injuries from box cutters is a multi-million dollar cost that retailers have accepted for decades, and ADCO has finally developed a patented solution to the problem.

“Companies across the retail industry are losing millions of dollars in product damage every year, all because of the conventional box cutter,” commented Ray Davis, president of ADCO Industries. “Easy Cut 4000 addresses this problem and will change the way retailers open boxes, ultimately adding profits to the bottom line.”

According to ADCO’s documented research, at least one half of 1% of retail products opened today in retail stores and warehouses are damaged by the conventional box cutter, resulting in significant lost profits for companies. The average in-store retail stocker opens 200 to 250 boxes a day, with product values ranging from $3600 to $7200 dollars.  Based on these figures, each stocker damages a minimum of $18.00 and up to $36.00 per day due to the box cutter, according to ADCO. Companies have thousands of stockers opening boxes every day – so this number adds up quickly.

“We have conducted product damage audits with some of the world’s largest retailers that document for every $1,000,000 in retail sales, product damage due to the box cutter was $5,000 and up,” Davis said. “When you consider a company’s total annual sales, the lost profit due to the box cutter is shocking – but there is a solution now, and it’s as simple as changing the box cutter.”

The Easy Cut 4000 is the only box cutter on the market today that can open boxes without damaging product, as documented by ADCO.  It is the engineering design of both the cutter and the blade that make this possible. The unique blade can penetrate through cardboard, touch the product inside and not damage the product – even something as soft as a balloon! The blade automatically retracts inside the unit when the blade loses contact with the cutting surface, providing protection to the user from cuts and lacerations. The unique holster and lanyard keeps the knife safely in its place when not in use, and reduces purchases due to lost cutters.

“The difference between Easy Cut 4000 and conventional box cutters on the market today is that anyone, and I mean anyone regardless of experience, can now cut open boxes with confidence that they will not damage product,” Davis said.  “Easy Cut 4000 will also help to reduce retailers’ turnover problems in dealing with the spike in product damage that is common among new employees.”

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