Workplace safety for New Zealand businesses is our number one priority and we are are proud to represent world leading brands at the cutting edge of pedestrian and forkhoist proximity detection and safe forklift monitoring. Our Equipment Monitoring products are world leaders in generating forklift safety, reduced damage, and an accident-free workplace.  Mounted directly to your equipment, our Equipment Monitors ensure proper usage around the clock.  By capturing data on all aspects of operation and actually controlling some, Total Trax Monitors enable you to manage your operation like never before.  Operator accountability and quality of information increase, while costs due to accidents, misuse, and untimely maintenance and repair are reduced or eliminated and pedestrian safety ensured.

Impact Manager

Impact Managers

Total Trax Impact Managers reduce damage-related costs and enable your business to operate more safely by controlling access, monitoring usage, and detecting impacts. Total Trax provides two versions of ImpactManager — ImpactManager RF and ImpactManager ID. Read more



Equip Manager from Total TraxEquipment Manager

A wireless fleet management system, EquipManager® helps to boost safety while reducing damage-related costs by ensuring OSH compliance, controlling access, detecting impacts, and monitoring equipment operation. Read more



Equip CommandEquip Command

EquipCommand® is the ultimate Forklift Fleet Optimization tool. EquipCommand® software interfaces with onboard Equipment Monitor products, creating “Smart Trucks” that track vehicle usage, maintenance, load and location. Read more



Hit-Not Proximity Detection logoHit-Not Proximity Detection

Hit-Not® is a precise detection system, giving pedestrians and forklift operators individual and unmistakable warnings when they are in danger.  Hit-Not® can see you, even when you can’t see the forklift and the operator cannot see you. This takes the danger out of most blind corners and other dangerous areas in a warehouse or dock. Read more