The Viewtech artificial intelligence camera-based safety solutions offer great benefits in forklift and material handling operations, including pedestrian detection.

AI camera view showing people identified in camera lens

AVAILABLE IN REAR VIEW AND SIDE MOUNT – Our AI cameras will work with both of our 7” and 10” High Definition quad screens. Multiple AI cameras can be interfaced into one monitor and be split screened.

AI Camera System Features Include:

  • AI Camera Based Pedestrian Detection Systems – detects humans or cyclists inside the camera view and notifies the forklift operator via audible alarm, lights or y activating governers or brakes.
  • Viewtech FleetView Recording System – comprehensive vehicle recording platform with full remote access & management.
  • Live View or Record – View machinery or vehicle events live, while the vehicle is operating, or record and replay up to 3 months activity.
  • Single or Multiple Camera Displays – which can be wireless, wired or a combination configured to suit your vehicles and operation, including reversing and side-mounted cameras.
  • Event Triggering – camera views automatically triggered by events
  • 99% Reliable – with minimal false triggers
  • Pedestrian Does Not Need to Wear or Carry Anything – camera automatically detects the human form
Computer monitor showing camera in operation tracking movement of forklift

Viewtech Fleetview system in Live View Mode

Industry Applications – we can design and supply systems to suit:

  • Forklifts of any size
  • Reach trucks
  • Freezer forklifts
  • Telehandlers
  • Reach stackers
  • Gantry cranes
  • Mobile cranes

Viewtech AI Pedestrian Detection

Viewtech logo

The Viewtech Pedestrian Detection System uses artificial intelligence to recognize the human form in the field view of its cameras.  Real time alerts and alarms are immediately triggered to the operator, that a pedestrian or cyclist is in the field of view.

AI Pedestrian Detection System Advantages

  • The pedestrian does not have to wear a monitor or other detection device to be recognized by the AI cameras.
  • In the warehouse or materials handling facility, this increases pedestrian safety where forklifts are operating by ensuring all staff are protected.  The risk of a forklift-pedestrian collision due to someone not wearing a pedestrian monitor is completely eliminated.
  • Reduce the risk of a serious harm event
  • Couple with the Viewtech Fleetview system to reduce equipment damage and increase operator productivity.
A screenshot of Fleetview system in operation showing multiple camera views

The Viewtech Fleetview system available from Shockwatch New Zealand can prevent serious harm incidents in forklift and heavy machinery operations.

We have a variety of fork mounted wireless camera and monitor solutions available, so talk to us to discuss the options.

Cameras for Small Vehicle & RV Safety

We offer camera solutions that have a range of applications for smaller vehicles and RVs at a sensible price point that make them worthy of consideration. Safety while manoeuvring your motorhome, horse truck or caravan is just as important to you and those around you, as it is to the operators of forklifts and heavy machinery.  Don’t assume that having the best technology is out of your price range.  At Shockwatch we can help you select the best RV camera options to suit your purpose and budget.  Specifically designed RV reversing camera kits are available that are both aesthetically pleasing, robust and fit for purpose.

Talk to us about camera systems for:

  • Cars, including cars for drivers with a disability
  • Horsefloats and horse trucks
  • Cargo vans & utes
  • Small truck fleets
  • Caravans and motorhomes
  • SUVs, MPVs and minivans
  • Buses

You can also check out our Radar Detection systems that are suitable for RVs and smaller vehicles, these will trigger audible warning signals when your vehicle is approaching any solid object within a specified range.

Small Vehicle & RV Camera Applications

RV parked on grass showing camera mounting options

Shockwatch can supply overhead monitors, number plate mounted cameras and a range of mounting options and brackets.  Full mirror replacement monitors can replace factory rear view mirrors.

Transport & Logistics CCTV Truck Camera Systems

In-truck CCTV systems can be custom designed to improve safety and security in the transport and logistics sector.  We have a range of options, from dash and reversing cameras through to more complex custom designed multi-camera recording systems. 

  • Heavy duty cameras can record audio, include night vision and are pressure washable. 
  • Camera angles can be customizable and video can be GPS tagged along with speed and event data.
  • Transport operators have live remote access with full event notifications, backed up to a main server

Truck CCTV Applications

Fleetview logo
  • Live view – for reversing and blind spot monitoring
  • Fleetview Recording – for security purposes, including forklift loading and unloading to reduce stock theft and operator misconduct or inefficiency
  • Verify delivery
  • Reduce load shrinkage
  • Record and report dangerous driving
  • Prove liability in an accident
  • Driver training and health and safety

Transport and Logistics Camera Applications

Truck parked and showing camera mounting options

Shockwatch can provide a full range of truck camera options, mounts and recording system to implement the Fleetview system in the transport and logistics sector.

Download Viewtech Forklift Safety Solutions.pdf

Download Viewtech SV7AI20 Kit.pdf

Over 28 year’s experience in forklift safety systems

Shockwatch New Zealand has been in the business of safety for vehicles and machinery since 1995.  We are here to help, with the best advice, sensible pricing and great support.  So, whether your requirement is for a single dash camera for your truck, or a full materials handling machinery safety system, talk to us!