Equipment Monitoring for Workplace Safety and Cost Reduction

Improve workplace safety and reduce fleet costs with Equip Manager.®  A wireless fleet management system, Equip Manager® helps to boost safety while reducing damage-related costs by ensuring OSH compliance, controlling access, detecting impacts, and monitoring equipment operation.

The Equip Manager® system can be easily customized to reflect the unique needs of your workplace. By focusing on what is most important to your organization, you will have the real time data you need to keep your equipment running safely and OSH compliant. Customize your settings and restrictions, and record events so that you always know your facility is operating safely — with the data to prove it.

Features designed for maximum performance:Equip Manager from Total Trax

  • Fully configurable pre-shift safety checklist accessible through audio-visual display
  • Real time impact detection and recording through patented, user-adjustable sensor
  • Vehicle access control via multiple user-defined interfaces (iButtons, barcodes, and proximity cards)
  • Multi-parameter monitoring through customizable inputs, such as fluid pressure, speed, temperature, lift count, travel time, key-on time, and reverse count
  • Customizable events and event processing, including more than 60 standard events
  • Lock-out / tag-out capability / inactivity logoff, usage monitoring and user-definable maintenance alerts
  • Remote updating and configuration of device settings, firmware, and iButton key configuration

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