Fork Alert Safety System is the world-leading pedestrian early warning system used in workplace locations where forklift operations could present a significant danger to pedestrians. Fork Alert warns pedestrians and forklift drivers that a forklift is approaching, effectively removing:

  • blind corners
  • shared doorways
  • other dangerous areas within warehouse facilities

By detecting the presence of forklifts in a danger zone even when the forklift is stopped, Fork Alert™ provides pedestrians and drivers with at least 4 seconds notice of approaching forklifts.

The Fork Alert System consists of 2 main components:Fork Alert

  • A Beacon- mounted on the roof of each forklift emitting coded Infrared beams
  • Receivers mounted in strategic positions throughout the facility that detect the invisible, coded Infrared beam emitted from the vehicle beacons

With the beacon and receiver technology, Fork Alert has the ability to enable visual or audible alerts, locking gates or other safety devices in warehouses and/or manufacturing facilities.

Key benefits of the Fork Alert System include:

  • Improved Productivity for fleet optimization and fewer vehicle to pedestrian accidents.
  • Increased Accuracy for accurate pedestrian & vehicle warnings.
  • Improved Safety for accident prevention & avoidance.

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