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The HitNot® Proximity Monitoring system is an advanced warehouse and pedestrian monitoring system, using magnetic field technology.

HitNot gives pedestrians and forklift operators individual and unmistakable warnings when they are in Close proximity to Machinery or Personnel.

If preventing workplace accidents, complying with Work Safe NZ requirements, reducing Risk and improving employee safety is your focus then you need to talk to us. Shockwatch NZ is the New Zealand agent for this class leading technology, giving you the local support and advice you need to take your workplace safely into the future.

HitNot® fully proven technology was initially developed as HazardAvert® to save lives in the dangerous conditions of the underground mining industry and was the first system approved by MSHA in 2005. Based on low-frequency magnetic fields, which will reliably pass through walls and structures. HitNot® can see you, even when you can’t see the forklift and the operator cannot see you. This takes the danger out of  blind corners and other dangerous areas within your work place.

HitNot® is more precise than RFID systems because it uses a stable magnetic field marker and does not have multi-path problems. HitNot® allows multiple machines and multiple pedestrians to work in the same area safely and efficiently.

In your Work Place, HITNOT® can detect & prevent injury to people, mobile equipment, plant and machinery.

Simple Implementation:

  • Via a compact magnetic field generator, which has been proven to be effective in all industrial and warehouse environments for collision avoidance and Pedestrian Monitoring.
  • The magnetic field generator can be easily fitted to all types of mobile equipment. Installation requires a clean ignition power supply 12 or 24 volt.
  • No calibration necessary.
  • Personal Alarm Devices (PAD) are worn by at risk staff members, either attached to their belt, or safety vest.

Intuitive Operation:

  • The HITNOT® patented pulsed magnetic fields travel through walls, racks, and other blind corner obstructions, avoiding the multipath or reflections common with radio signals and other solutions on the market.
  • There is a precise 360 degree protection zone created around pedestrians, mobile equipment, and structures.
  • Clear, simultaneous audible and visual warnings are provided to both the operator and pedestrians
  • 2 Distinct Detection Zones : Warning and Danger
  • Detection Ranges can easily be adjusted by a handheld device

Built-in Failsafe features

  • HITNOT® Engineers have gone to great lengths to make it highly unlikely that the hardware could be used in a non-functioning condition.
  • Generators have a built-in relay, alerting the operator and others if the unit ceases to function properly via our Remote Equipment monitoring.
  • Personnel Alarm Devices provide active status indication every 15 seconds via flashing light on device and REM Data collection reports.
  • When a Personnel Alarm Device (PAD) has a low battery, the user is provided a distinct warning and is also sent to the cloud for data reporting.
  • Multiple, exact timed handshakes built into system, eliminating nuisance alerts, providing reliable alerts only when there is a Warning or danger alarm.

See the System in Action – Watch Animated Facility:

Expandable and Adaptable to Suit your Work Place or Specific Operational Areas

HITNOT® can be configured to suit your requirements, with the addition of auxiliary devices that integrate seamlessly with the basic HITNOT® components (Machine mounted Generator and Personal Alarm Device).

  • HITNOT® Magnetic Field Generators (MFGs) and Personal Alarm Devices (PADs) offer unmatched pedestrian detection and collision avoidance solutions in challenging industrial environments.
  • HITNOT® offers Silencing Solutions for automatically disabling the Pedestrian Detection or Collision Avoidance when a truck is passing a protected area. For Example, all vehicles are equipped with a cab silencer to disable the operator’s PAD while seated on their vehicle.
  • HITNOT® offers built-in Remote Event Monitoring for all proximity events and other operational information, via cloud.
  • HITNOT® offers Access Control solutions for preventing non-HIT-NOT® equipped personnel or vehicles from entering protected areas.
  • HITNOT® offers Area Control solutions for congested areas and intersections.
  • HITNOT® offers Structure Monitoring solutions to alert the operator when approaching hazardous areas or structures.
  • HITNOT® offers Test Stations for Verification of PAD or MFG functionality before daily use.
  • HITNOT® is sufficiently reliable to provide signals for automatically slowing the vehicles.

A system without Limits

  • The HITNOT® System has no limit on the number of PADs or Generators that may be operated within your facility, with no conflicts. Each pedestrian will be individually warned about any threat to themselves.
  • HITNOT®’s approach is to maintain component compatibility across all product offerings, allowing for adoption of more features when required. The range of all components is adjustable to meet the demands of your application.

HITNOT® has led the way in the development of proximity detection systems for materials handling.

  • Proven through years of global deployment into many industries such as Automotive, Steel, Paper, Glass, Building Materials, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Warehousing, Ports, and More.

Shockwatch New Zealand is here to help you determine the best personal alarm and collision avoidance system for your business, so talk to us about the global class leading products we represent and support right here in New Zealand.

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