Hit-Not Proximity Detection personal alarm deviceHit-Not® is a precise detection system, giving pedestrians and forklift operators individual and unmistakable warnings when they are in danger.

If preventing workplace accidents, complying with OSH requirements, reducing damage and improving employee safety is your focus then you need to talk to us. Shockwatch NZ is now the New Zealand agent for this class leading technology, giving you the local support and advice you need to take your workplace safely into the future.

Hit-Not® fully proven technology was initially developed to save lives in mines and is based on low-frequency magnetic fields, which will reliably pass through most walls and structures. Hit-Not® can see you, even when you can’t see the forklift and the operator cannot see you. This takes the danger out of most blind corners and other dangerous areas in a warehouse or dock.

Hit-Not® is more precise than RFID systems because it uses a stable magnetic field marker and does not have multi-path problems. Hit-Not® allows multiple machines and multiple pedestrians to work in the same area safely and efficiently.

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