Safety monitoring and access controlShockwatch Impact Manager RF

Unauthorized or careless operation of material handling equipment creates unnecessary costs for your business.  Equipment Impact Managers reduce damage-related costs and enable your business to operate more safely by controlling access, monitoring usage, and detecting impacts.

Shockwatch provides two versions of ImpactManager — ImpactManager RF and ImpactManager ID — letting you choose the monitor with the access, impact, and usage features and capabilities that best meet your needs.

ImpactManager RF and ImpactManager ID

The ImpactManager RF and ImpactManager ID are access control-, impact-, and utilization-monitoring devices for material handling equipment. These products are designed to reduce damage-related expenses due to improper operation and create a safer work environment. When mounted to a forklift, the ImpactManager RF and ImpactManager ID detect impacts and record event details, such as date, time, and driver ID. The data is then transmitted wirelessly (for the RF) or downloaded manually through several user interface options. The devices also assist in controlling access by ensuring that only trained or certified drivers operate the equipment.

The ImpactManager RF and ImpactManager ID software allow companies to customize equipment-operating parameters and generate reports and graphs for further analysis of driver safety, utilization, and maintenance schedules.

Features designed for maximum performance

ImpactManager RF and ImpactManager ID

  • Real-time impact detection and recording through patented, user-adjustable sensors
  • Vehicle access control via multiple user-defined interfaces (iButtons, HID Proximity Card, Infrared Barcode, Magnetic Stripe)
  • Pre-shift OSH safety checklist acknowledgment
  • Operator certification tracking
  • Multiple wireless data transmission options (802.11b/g, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz)
  • Lock-out/tag-out capability
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Event data e-mail capability
  • User-definable maintenance alert
  • Inactivity log-off
  • LED for quick operational verification
  • Management software operation in local workstation, LAN, and WAN, with export capabilities
  • Customizable reporting and graphing capabilities
  • Operational over a 10V to 60V DC range
  • 98 dB output alarm
  • UL rating — Type E, EE, G, GS, LP, LPS, D, and DS

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