Shockwatch NZ offers a variety of solutions to help improve the safety of your warehouse or operation

Total Trax Safety Products NZShockwatch NZ offers a range of warehouse safety products that address specific safety concerns that occur on a daily basis.  Forkhoist accidents and collisions can be avoided with visual and auditory alerts that notify forklift operators and pedestrians of an impending collision. “Safety zones” can be created within the warehouse with automated gates and alerts. Data collected by a TotalTrax enabled Smart Truck can be used to provide real time speed monitoring of every forklift within the warehouse, allow instant replay of forklift safety incidents, and provide historical reporting of forklift activities. The result – data collected improves safety for overall operations. By definition safe warehouses are more productive, more efficient and substantially more profitable.

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A wireless fleet management system which helps to boost safety while reducing damage-related costs.

Hit Not Proximity Detection
Hit-Not® is a precise detection system, giving pedestrians and forklift operators individual and unmistakable warnings when they are in danger.

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How to Improve Warehouse Safety: Answers to your top 5 Safety Questions

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Control access, monitor usage and detect impacts

Easy Cut Safety Cutters
Safety knives and pocket cutters that protect users and prevent damage to goods

Barton Door Block
Prevent doors from slamming on fingers