Metrix is the latest innovation from TotalTrax Inc, providing advanced, flexible and intuitive telematics software for all material handling operations – whether they are large and small. 

Shockwatch is New Zealand’s authorized reseller of all TotalTrax products, including metrix, and can advise you on the most appropriate implementation to suit your business.

TotalTrax Inc is the world’s leading provider of real-time driver and equipment tracking technology for manufacturing and warehouse operations.

Introducing TotalTrax metrix

Take total control of your entire operation and reap the returns from your investment in telematics.

  • Improve safety with impact detection, driver access control and pre-shift inspection checklists
  • Seamlessly integrates with all Android platform devices and on all equipment brands
  • Take control with advanced functions such as load sensing and job tracking
  • Track vehicle usage, maintenance, load, and location and drive productivity, safety and compliance across your entire network of facilities.
  • Run diagnostics remotely to simplify vehicle servicing and minimize fleet downtime.
  • Transform traditional forklift trucks into connected ‘smart trucks’
  • Choose only the features you need and get all the data you want. Only pay for the functions you need now and prepare for growth in the future.  The system’s modular design makes it easy to add users and vehicles as needed.
  • Access as much data as you can analyze and share with unparalleled management visibility.  Use it to drill down, control costs, improve organizational safety and lift productivity of your vehicles, workforce, and facilities.

TotalTrax metrix Core Functionality

Forklift Driver Access Control

Ensure only authorized and trained drivers are in charge of your equipment with driver assignment & authorization to MHE and Operator certification tracking

Automated Safety Checklists

Select and configure safety checklists, that can be displayed in the languages of your choice, on a configurable dashboard

Forklift Impact Detection

Real-time triaxle impact detection with halt on “critical” impacts that assist in improved driver behavior and reduced truck, facility and product damage

Fleet Monitoring

Utilization monitoring run vs idle time. Load on vs Load Off with Multi-parameter Maintenance monitoring via customizable inputs like fluid pressure, temperature, lift count, travel time, key-on time, and reverse count (3 digital, 3 analog inputs)

Advanced Telematics Features (requires additional hardware)

Enhanced Utilization Tracking

 Load & tow sensing

Forklift Battery Monitoring

Visibility to voltage, state of Charge, temperature, Current & Fluid level

Camera/Video Integration

 Video trigger / capture upon critical impacts

Indoor ”GPS” fleet tracking

Real-time, inch accurate fleet movement data showing speed, direction, location and orientation

Advanced collision avoidance system

Truck to truck / Truck to pedestrian safety system

Benefits of TotalTrax metrics to your New Zealand Materials Handling Business

Improve Safety with Metrix Improved safety, fewer accidents and collisions, reduced costs

  • Identify unsafe behavior and enhance pedestrian safety. 
  • Reduce damage to facilities, product and equipment and reduce lost work time. 
  • Bring down your vehicle maintenance costs and extend the life of your machinery.

Gain Operational Efficiency with Metrix Greater operational transparency and reporting

  • Unparalleled management visibility and process improvement.
  • Automated record keeping of training records and OSH checklists

Monitor Truck Maintenance and Fleet Ulitization with Metrix Truck maintenance monitoring and improved fleet utilization

  • Timely alerts deliver increased uptime and a reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Right size the fleet.
  • Inactivity log-off saves fuel and battery life

Download Metrix Product Sheet 2021.pdf

Download DC-190 Metrix Operator Guide.pdf

Download DC-191 Metrix Installation Guide.pdf