opswatch vibration monitoring nzOpsWatch WiFi Recorder monitors and warns you of any change in equipment vibration, allowing you to take action to improve the performance and safety of your machinery, extend its life time and avoid any unplanned downtime and maintenance.

Any alteration to equipment vibration can signal a decline in operating function and the need for maintenance to prevent more serious faults and/or failure.  If you run equipment that has moving components such as drive motors, belts, bearings or gears then there will be an expected pattern of vibration during regular operating cycles.  The OpsWatch WiFi Recorder monitors these vibrations and provides early warning alerts through Wi-Fi communication.  That puts you in control – able to investigate and take action to prevent time-consuming shut downs and/or expensive machinery damage.  Vibration and shock monitoring is an integral part of machine condition monitoring programs.

OpsWatch enables real time monitoring of low frequency shock and vibration to identify these changes when they happen. The system provides alerts when vibration is outside of the normal range and has the capability to stream condition-based data through Wi-Fi communication.

Shockwatch New Zealand are based in Auckland and can assist with all your machinery monitoring and data logging requirements.  We will help you select the best damage prevention solution for your business and provide you the local support you need to implement it.

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