The ShockLog 248 impact recorder can be configured to monitor critical parameters, including high and low alarm set points, providing an unmistakable alert that impact to a shipment, equipment, or building may have compromised its integrity, performance, or safe operation.

Impact Recorders: Helping protect your high value assetsShocklog 248

The ShockLog 248 impact and environmental recorder deters mishandling during shipping, installation, storage, or use by isolating the details and time of unacceptable events.

Mid-range impact & environmental recorders for safer product transit

Available in 10G, 30G, and 100G impact sensor settings, ShockLog 248 provides three-axis capability at 2,048 samples per second per axis.

Impact recorder data includes a detailed impact event curve, peak value timeslot recordings, and summary data of the first significant event and 14 most significant breaches.

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