The SpotBot BLE is manufactured in conjunction with Bosch, and can be attached to any shipment to record temperature, humidity, tilt and shock. This data can then be accessed by the shipper on their mobile phone, using the SpotBot APP.

Each parameter that needs to be measured and recorded can be individually configured, ensuring complete traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

In the event that a parameter threshold is exceeded, the SpotBot BLE provides verifiable proof and a reliable indication for possible primary and secondary damage.

SpotBot BLE App


  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple crucial parameters
  • Up to two years battery lifetime
  • Cost-effective, simple, and robust
  • Free and user-friendly mobile application


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4in x 3.5in x 1in
  • Weigh: 3.5oz
  • Power Supply: CR 123A Lithium Battery, 1400 mAh
  • Battery Lifetime: 2 Years (10 min. measuring cycle, +77 °F)
  • Enclosure Protection Class: IP 54
  • Electrical Protection Class: III
  • Measuring Interval: 1 min … 4 hours (selectable)
  • Memory Capacity: 2 Years (15 min. measuring cycle, typical usage)
  • Certification: CE, FCC, ISED, SRRC, MIC, SIRIM, IMDA, ACMA, NTC, NBTC | further on request


Download SpotBot BLE Overview

Download SpotBot BLE Data Sheet

Download SpotBot BLE Quick Start Guide

Download SpotBot BLE Product Manual

Download Impact Recorders Overview


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