Features & Benefits:Easy Cut Pocket Cutter

  • Dual safety features
  • Trigger-in-trigger activated
  • Auto-retracting blade
  • Provides safe storage
  • Ergonomic, lightweight
  • Ambidextrous
  • High-strength steel

Dual safety features of this knife include a small secondary trigger button inside the main trigger mechanism that must be squeezed in order to activate the blade. This prevents the blade from extending while not in use, allowing safe storage in pockets, drawers, tool boxes, etc. Release the trigger and the blade automatically retracts to its original locked position. A built-in safety return also overrides the trigger function and enables the blade to retract when removed from the cutting surface. The high-strength steel blade slices through cardboard easily and cuts over 5000 feet of material!  Discard when the blade is no longer providing a sharp cutting surface. This box cutter fits comfortably in your hand and safely in your pocket – or use the built-in, pocket-bell clip just like a pen!

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