Shockwatch® and Tiltwatch products manage goods in transit and storage – recording impact and tilt.

Shockwatch®, the global leader in the optimization of impact sensors for safe transit, offers a complete portfolio of products that protect fragile, impact-sensitive, and calibrated goods and equipment during shipping and handling.  When used in conjunction with companion tools, Shockwatch solutions are a highly visible deterrent to mishandling in the supply chain.

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ShockWatch® portfolio of impact indicators

ShockWatch® impact indicators detect and record impacts and mishandling of fragile, sensitive, or calibrated products during transport or storage.  ShockWatch Labels, Clips, and Tubes are available in a range of sensitivities.

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Shockwatch labelShockwatch Labels

ShockWatch impact indicating solutions affix directly onto your product, shipment, container or vehicle to prevent the risk of damage loss during handling, storage and transportation. These devices raise awareness that special handling is required, and indicate when improper conditions occur. Read more


Tilt indicatorsTiltwatch

ShockWatch tilt indicators affix directly to your products or packaging to detect and record unacceptable tip events for goods that must remain upright. These tilt indicators are simple to use, cost-effective, and highly effective deterrents to product mishandling. Read more


Shockwatch 2

ShockWatch® 2 impact indicators are single use, go/no go devices that determine if fragile products have been dropped during transit or in storage. The indicators are field-armable, tamper-proof devices that turn bright red when an impact beyond a specific threshold has occurred. Read more


Shockwatch ClipsShockwatch Clips

Mounting ShockWatch’s indicator clips to shipments helps you target mishandling and make supply chain improvements.   Read more



Shockwatch tubesShockwatch Tubes

ShockWatch impact indicator tubes are tamperproof, mechanically activated devices that turn red to indicate mishandling. They are available from 10 to over 500G with duration ranges from 1 to 50ms. Read more



Mag 2000

The ShockWatch® MAG 2000 impact sensors are cost-effective, resettable and reusable, tamper resistant devices that monitor the handling of fragile goods and freight containers greater than 100 lbs. This condition-based monitoring device is also widely used on rail cars and trucking fleets to monitor for excessive impacts during humping or latching.  Read more



Shockwatch Alert Stickers
This unmistakable alert affixes directly to the bill of lading to caution the carrier and consignee that the shipment is being monitored for mishandling.   Read more
Shockwatch Alert Tape
ShockWatch alert tape provides an unmistakable visual alert that impact indicators are in use and psychological reinforcement that proper handling procedures are required. Read more
Companion Labels
Close the communication gap at the point of delivery with Shockwatch and Tiltwatch… the companion label series.