Monitor your large shipments and vehicles with the most reliable, low cost shock indicator on the market

Mag 2000The Shockwatch® MAG 2000 is a low cost impact monitoring instrument specifically designed to indicate excessive shock to larger shipments such as crated machinery, production equipment, electronics, printing presses, X ray machinery, or sea containers, rail cars, and trucks.  In addition, the MAG 2000 has monitoring applications on carts or products moving through a manufacturing process.

Accurate, easy-to-interpret and resettable, yet tamperproof, the MAG 2000 is used in a variety of applications to monitor carrier performance, alter in-transit handling and serve to pinpoint damage incidents.  By providing quality assurance from your facility to your customers dock, the MAG 2000 offers an otherwise missing level of control in today’s hostile transport environments.

How the MAG 2000 Works

The MAG 2000 utilizes two highly sensitive magnets triggered when acceleration due to shock or vibration is strong enough to disrupt the magnetic attraction.  This results in the upper magnet moving from its “home” position and appears in a new visible position within the unit.  By the position of the upper magnet, you can determine the angle of impact.

The activation point is factory set, with a number of G levels available from .5 to 25 G.  Selection guides are available to convert G levels to drop heights or to a M.P.H. correlation for vehicle applications.

A special key is supplied that unlocks the cover on the unit.  This allows the MAG 2000 to be reset after each activation and aids in preventing tampering.  After opening, the upper magnet is then adjusted to its home position, and the top is replaced and locked.

Real World Applications with Real Results

Companies all over the world are using the MAG 2000 to reduce damage levels on their products and equipment.

Use the MAG 2000 to monitor:

Shipments – Control and implement zero defect shipping programs by preventing mishandling.  Determine when and to what extent your products were dropped or mishandled.  Protect against warranty abuse.

Transportation Modes – Monitor impact levels in humping yards and loading docks.  Analyze specific routes.  Pinpoint problem carriers.

Overall the MAG 2000 helps build and maintain good carrier and customer relationships by increasing the out-of-box satisfaction level of your customers.  It makes a quality statement about your products, as well as your company.

• Low Cost – just a few dollars per shipment/vehicle.  The MAG unit is resettable, and therefore, in closed loop transportation, reusable
• Easy to Understand – activation is immediate and definitive, needing no interpretation by specially trained personnel
• Patented Rugged Design – built to withstand extremes in the roughest of environments
• Tamper Proof – a unique key is needed to unlock each unit
• Ease of Installation – peel the aggressive adhesive backing and apply.  The MAG 2000 can also be secured onto the surface with screws, or mounted using a special bracket

Large Shipments

Simply attach the MAG 2000 to your shipment of electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or anything breakable, and you have taken control of your shipment.  From that point the MAG 2000 will detect any impacts, above the G level you select.

Designed for a wide variety of installations, the MAG 2000 may be applied on anything from a wooden container or large pallet to the product itself.

Products may include:

• Medical and Laboratory Equipment
• Electronics
• Production Robotics
• Printing Equipment
• Refrigeration Equipment
• Main Frame Computers
• Weaponry Systems
• Furniture and Museum Pieces

The durability of the MAG 2000 allows for internal or external use, which also makes it ideal for use on vehicles such as trucks, rail cars, or aircraft.

Transportation Modes

In today’s shipping environments, your cargo may be handled many different times and by many different modes of transportation.  And although damage in transit can vary depending on the shipping method, packaging and weight of load, there are accepted proper handling standards.

For example, transporting products on railcars from 1 to 6 m.p.h. is considered a safe speed.  Anything over that is considered rough handling.  High impacts are almost certain to produce load shifts, burst dunnage bags and cause a variety of other damage problems; dents in sheet metal, crushed cores in paper rolls, compression of canned products and burst seals in tank cars

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