Shockwatch indicator tubesIntegrate ShockWatch Impact Indicators into your products

ShockWatch impact indicator tubes are tamperproof, mechanically activated devices that turn red to indicate mishandling. They are available from 10 to over 500G with duration ranges from 1 to 50ms.

The Shockwatch Tube is the core of the Shockwatch impact indicator system and you can select how you use it:

  • As a tube it may be embedded into your product directly, such as in a mobile phone, gaming device or other piece of sensitive electronic equipment or material component.
  • As a Shockwatch Clip it can be attached to the outside of your product, again this is ideal for computers or electronic devices, avionics or medical equipment.
  • Or use it on the exterior of your product packaging in the form of one of our Shockwatch Labels.

When damage occurs, your reputation may be at risk.  Taking steps to identify whether your product has experienced mishandling allows you to take steps to reduce that risk long term.

Protect your product, your reputation, and your balance sheet

By embedding ShockWatch tubes into your sensitive products you can detect whether or not your products have been exposed to unacceptable shock events during shipping, handling or use. By making it known to end users that products can be monitored for abuse, you can potentially reduce warranty claims and the costs associated with those repairs or product replacements. The end result is an improvement to the bottom line.

Key Specifications

Sensitivity:              Available from 10 to 500G
Duration:                Ranges 1 to 50ms
Responsiveness:    Responds to a single impact beyond the desired threshold; Possible to monitor for impacts on a 360° axis
Operation:              2 years from date of sale, when stored at standard temperature and pressure;  (20°, 1 ATM)

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