Cost effective solutions to reduce loss due to cargo, vehicle and storage mishandling

ShockWatch® ShockLog impact and environmental recorders continually monitor and report the impact, vibration and other environmental conditions products are exposed to during transit, storage and operation.Impact recorders

ShockLog impact recorders measure and log the direction, amplitude and duration of impact force, while optional sensors record changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt and roll.  GPS tracking can enable you to pinpoint the exact location that the mishandling took place, giving you control over your product at every step of the supply chain.

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Shocklog 208
The ShockLog 208 impact recorder can be configured to monitor critical parameters, including high and low alarm set points, providing an unmistakable alert that impact to a shipment, equipment, or building may have compromised its integrity, performance, or safe operation. ShockLog 208 is the base model in the ShockWatch® series of impact recorders, providing a cost effective solution when detailed event information is not required. Read more
Shocklog 248
The ShockLog 248 is a mid-range impact recorder, available in 10G, 30G, and 100G impact sensor settings, it provides three-axis capability at 2,048 samples per second per axis. Impact recorder data includes a detailed impact event curve, peak value timeslot recordings, and summary data of the first significant event and 14 most significant breaches. Read more
Shocklog 298
ShockLog 298 uses the most advanced impact and environmental measurement technology to log up to 870 potentially damaging events in 262,000 time slots to protect your high-value assets in the field, in transit, or in storage.  This impact recorder also offers fully-customizable features that can expand monitoring capability within your supply chain. Read more
ShockLog 298 RF
ShockLog 298RF combines advanced impact recording and environmental indicating technology with RF transmission capability to deliver real-time alerts about potentially damaging events to your remote high-value assets in the field or in storage. Read more
Shocklog 298 GPS
ShockLog 298GPS incorporates Global Positioning System capability to pinpoint where your high-value assets encountered damaging conditions during shipping and handling.  These capabilities make the ShockLog 298GPS an invaluable tool for optimizing your supply chain risk management processes. Read more
Shocklog 298 Tilt and Roll
Like the base ShockLog 298 model, the Tilt-and-Roll capable condition-based monitoring device can be configured to record multiple critical parameters, including impact, vibration, and temperature – plus it provides optional accessories to extend the measurement of key parameters.  ShockLog 298TR records the time and severity of impacts, vibrations, internal temperature and tilt or roll events – then delivers an unmistakable visual notification of the breach. Read more
The g-View impact recorder uses field proven technology to report up to 300 impact events experienced by your product in the field, in transit, or in storage. In addition to impact amplitude, the user is provided with an accurate record of the date and time when the user defined g-force threshold was exceeded. Read more
The OpsWatch WiFi Recorder monitors and warns you of any change in equipment vibration, allowing you to take action to improve the performance and safety of your machinery, extend its life time and avoid any unplanned downtime and maintenance. Read more