Box cutter damaged package

Product damage is a continual problem in New Zealand warehouses and workplaces and the problem in most cases is the box cutter.  Unfortunately many companies are unaware of the scale of the problem because stockers continue to hide the product damage caused by the box cutter. The consumer will continue to get home and find product that they purchased is less than perfect because of a cut from a box cutter. Stockholders will continue to pay for product that disappears because stockers have damaged it – all because of a box cutter.

The answer is simple: the retail industry must take a look at the problem and when they do, presto!  The solution is already here…

Turn Product Damage Into Profit

When you look at a problem that 100’s of millions of stockers in retail all have in common, they open the same boxes every day and they keep doing the same thing, damaging product – you have to ask the question, why is no one doing anything about it? The definition of insanity is to make the same mistake over and over and expect a different outcome each time.

Billions of dollars in product damage could be turned into profit if top management would only take a serious look at the problem.

If you recognize that you’ve got a problem with product damage in your stocking operation, then contact Shockwatch NZ and stop product damage now.

Our Safety Box Cutters will provide you with a very simple and effective a solution that will also prevent workplace accidents!

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