Secure TRAC provides physical visual evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message if the tape is peeled. Standard tapes provide little protection against theft, relatively little in

Rolls of Secure TRAC tapethe way of identity or authenticity and no defense against surreptitious entry.  Secure TRAC has been designed to meet the special needs of those responsible for the secure transportation of valuable merchandise. Secure TRAC can be applied as you would any normal carton seal tapes, either by automated mechanical dispensers or by hand tape guns and is  available in any width from 1.5″s to 4″s and with solvent based adhesive suitable for high performance and durability.

Secure TRAC is sequentially numbered every 9 lineal inches (25cm). Just the presence of our sequential number gives instant identity to the generic box or courier package.  Due to its silicone face surface, Secure TRAC  cannot be resealed if it is cut open making visual inspection easy as a glance! Regardless of the application Secure TRAC tamper evident tape, provides an excellent deterrent to theft while securely sealing your carton. If entry does occur you will know about it before a bill of lading is signed and title passes. It not only provides theft protection to generic courier boxes but it can be applied to stretch film or shrink film to enhance the security of the entire pallet during transit.

Secure TRAC  can be made in long rolls (2500 lineal feet on 3″ cores) suitable for automatic applications. When choosing a machine be certain that the nip rollers are silicone coated so as not to trigger the image before application! We can help you reconfigure the rollers, just call and ask.  Don’t be fooled by tapes that can be circumvented or do not perform a security function. If your product is worth protecting against theft or tampering Secure TRAC  is the right choice.  Secure TRAC  can be made indigenous to your company by using your logo or copy on the face and a custom language or copy as a hidden message. Secure TRAC comes in red, blue, brown, green, black, white and orange or custom colors. It is made from polyester or polystyrene, depending on the application. Adhesives and sizes are variable by application.

Secure TRAC will afford you the luxury of a silent sentry on duty to protect your cargo while it is most vulnerable during transit. When security personnel cannot be present Secure TRAC provides all the protection you need to secure your assets. Upon delivery of your goods it provides recipients a simple visual template for inspection that can save your business from costly concealed losses.


The Secure Trak Security Tapes range of products includes:

Secure Perf Specifications:Secure Perf

  • 1ml polyester material
  • 2″ 50.8 mm width red
  • Perforated for ease of dispensing
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Print repeat/perforation every 9″ (228.6mm)
  • 180 ft (55 m) rolls

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Crate Secure Specifications:

  • 1ml polyester material
  • Protects against pilferage
  • Adds identity to crated cargoPallet labels
  • Provides visual inspection of breach
  • 1.06″ (27 mm) x 200 ft (61m) per roll
  • 9″ repeat (228.6m)
  • Sequentially numbered

Stretch Wrap Secure Specifications:

  • 1ml polyester material
  • 1.06″ (27mm) x 200ft (61mm) per roll
  • Adds identity to palletized cargo
  • Protects against pilferage
  • Provides visual inspection of breach
  • 9″ repeat
  • Sequentially numbered

Tamper Evident TapeSecure T.R.A.C. Seals Specifications:

  • Available in 1″ x 2″ and 1″ x 4″ labels.
  • T.R.A.C. Seals are tamper evident security labels which will self destruct when removed, leaving the hidden message “TAMPERED” in both the film and adhesive residue on the surface.
  • Red T.R.A.C. Seals are constructed of polystyrene film, which is also designed to tear when removed. Pricing is based on rolls of 1000 labels.

The red T.R.A.C. Seal labels are constructed of polystyrene film (.002 inch thick), which has other material properties which can improve security:

  • Polystyrene labels will curl when removed, making them difficult to reuse
  • Polystyrene will deform if a heat gun is used to attempt removal (another form of tamper evidence)
  • Polystyrene tears more easily (another form of self destruction when tampered)
  • The red T.R.A.C. Seals feature a high-strength adhesive to assure an excellent bond.
  • Serial numbers are available as a stock option.

Custom Options Available
These security labels can be fully customized with a unique logo and text, or a unique hidden message based on your requirements. Labels can include a barcode.

T.R.A.C. Seals can be manufactured as sequentially numbered sets where two or three seals include the same serial number and can be utilized as a receipt for tracking assets or information.

T.R.A.C. Seals can be packaged in a sheet format rather than the stock roll format. They can be manufactured in “piggyback” format where two seals are delivered atop one another on a release liner for applications to forms, or where multiple seals are needed to travel with the document such as in drug test and evidence collection kits.

Tamper Proof Tape showing evidence of package opened