coldmark and warmmarkShockWatch’s wireless temperature monitors, indicators and recorders enable you to customize a cost-effective system to monitor your perishable, fragile, or sensitive goods and protect them from damage due to mishandling in transit or storage. By providing prominent visual notification to shipping personnel of the prescence of monitoring equipment, temperature control products encourage proper handling and transport of temperature sensitive products.
In the event that a temperature excursion occurs, indicators and recorders give you the data needed to improve the integrity of the cold chain. ShockWatch temperature control indicators and recorders are extremely useful solutions for pharmaceutical and biomedical organizations as well as companies that store or transport food.

Review our entire line of temperature indicators and recorders to identify the best solution for your cold chain.

Temperature Control – Indicators

ShockWatch temperature indicators tell you when an excursion has occurred & for how long

Incredibly effective, yet cost optimized — ShockWatch temperature control solutions mean “handle with care” at all stages of shipping, handling and storage. Temperature Indicators are single use devices that visually indicate when temperatures fall or rise outside of acceptable range. All of our temperature monitoring products are rigorously tested, highly accurate & consistent, easy to read and tamperproof.

ShockWatch temperature indicators include a broad range of activation temperature thresholds, can be part of a scalable program to address additional monitoring needs (like shock, vibration pressure, etc) and may include recorders, accessories, and training and consulting services.

Temperature Indicators include:

Coldmark Shockwatch cold temperature


warmmark temperature indicator


warmmark duo and long run

WarmMark Duo & Long Run

blood temp nz

Blood Temp 10


Temperature Control – Recorders

ShockWatch temperature recorders – accurate cold chain monitoring & wireless data downloads without opening the container

Temperature RecordersTemperature recorders may be single or multi-use devices that visually and electronically monitor when

temperatures fall or rise outside of acceptable range and then alert the shipper or receiver that products may need to be guaranteed for safety or quality regulations.

All of our temperature control devices are rigorously tested, highly accurate and consistent, easy to read, and tamperproof. In addition, ShockWatch temperature recorders include a broad range of activation temperature thresholds, can be part of a scalable program to address additional monitoring needs (like shock, vibration pressure, etc) and may include indicators, accessories, and training and consulting services.


Shockwatch Temperature Recorders include:



Trekview stainless

Trekview for Food

Trekview ribbon

TrekView for Pharmaceutical

TrekView Desktop reader

Desktop/Handheld Readers






TrekView is a cost-effective cold chain monitoring product that ensures you know if your product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures that could negatively affect product quality, safety or shelf life. With TrekView, you have the information you need to make changes to your processes which can drive a reduction in product loss during storage and/or shipping and handling, and improve your bottom line.

Powerful Information but Easy to Use & Train

Multiple data download methods and free software included for end-of-journey reporting

Temperature data can be downloaded using multiple methods: a desktop or handheld reader or direct connection to a computer. Once loaded onto the PC, the free TrekView Report Software provides at-a-glance interpretation of when excursions have occurred and allows you to generate summary reports, manage tag programming, view tag status, and set alerts. The software is designed to provide a graphical display of a tag’s recorded data and time-temperature profile in multiple formats: pie chart, curve, temperature distribution histogram, and tabular views of unit excursion data and gives users the option to drill in or get an overview of multiple tags.

Gain access to tag data anywhere in your cold chain

TrekView Desktop reader

Desktop Reader

With the TrekView desktop/handheld reader, you gain access to information at any point in the supply chain. The handheld reader has the ability to capture and display data from thousands of tags and the user can download the information to the PC at the end of a shift, end of the day or whenever it is convenient. An intuitive touchscreen interface delivers the same information that can be gathered when connected to the TrekView user software. Users have comprehensive temperature information right in their hands.

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