Shockwatch tubes

Shockwatch is a precision impact detection device that senses and indicates a magnitude of shock.  Non-mechanical and non-magnetic, Shockwatch features a tiny liquid filled glass tube that can either be placed in the product directly (such as in a computer, gaming device or mobile phone), attached to a clip and located on the outside of the product itself, or housed in a self-adhesive label that is affixed to the shipping carton.  If a carton bearing a Shockwatch label or a product with a Shockwatch tube inside or clip attached is dropped or roughly handled, Shockwatch reacts instantly.  The liquid in the tube changes from clear to bright red, providing indisputable evidence that excessive impact has occurred.

Normal movement or road shock won’t activate Shockwatch – only the specific impact for which it was designed.  Shockwatch labels utilize a very aggressive adhesive.  All components are relatively unaffected by moisture or normal temperatures.  Once activated, Shockwatch cannot be reset.

Shockwatch labels are our most popular products – they are easy to affix to the outside of the product packaging and work not only to detect mishandling but also to prevent it,  couriers know instantly that this is a product that demands careful handling. Shockwatch clips and tubes enable products to be monitored throughout their lifecycle as they can be mounted to sensitive product components right from the time of manufacture and provide impact detection during manufacture, in-transit, even in use by the final customers, reducing warranty claims.

Shockwatch® labels, clips and tubes are available in four stock sensitive levels, ranging from 25 to 150 G’s.  Regardless of the amount of impact your product can withstand, there’s a Shockwatch system specifically designed to protect it.

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