Shockwatch NZ Ltd specializes in products that prevent damage, improve safety in the workplace and reduce costs in the transportation and storage of fragile or temperature sensitive goods. We are a privately owned New Zealand company representing some of the world’s leading damage prevention brands such as Shockwatch and Total Trax, providing comprehensive support for all our customers. We can assist you with all your sensitive packaging requirements from shock and temperature sensors and recorders to tamper evident tape and class leading pocket cutters and retractable blade cutting tools.  Providing the total package, we can even ensure the safety of all your warehouse staff with our equipment monitoring and management tools.

So talk to us about your damage prevention requirements and we’ll advise you on the best products to suit your purpose and contribute to the development of your overall damage prevention strategy.

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Shockwatch / Tiltwatch
Shockwatch and Tiltwatch products manage goods in transit and storage - detecting impact and mis-handling.
Equipment / Forkhoist Monitoring
Equipment and Forkhoist Monitoring products manage equipment in the workplace, reducing workplace accidents.
Child Safety
Protect tiny fingers from door slams with the Barton Door Blocker!
Impact Data Loggers
Impact Data Loggers define and record your shipping and storage environment.
Safety Cutters
Easy Cut Safety Cutters enable packaging to be safely removed without damage.
Temperature Control
Trekview Temperature Monitors record fluctuations in the temperature of sensitive goods such as food and pharmaceutical products.
Tamper Evident Tape
Tamper evident tape deters unauthorized opening of confidential parcels and envelopes.