Easy Cut 2000

The Easy Cut™ range of Safety Cutters have been specifically developed to protect the safety of employees and customers and prevent damage to products.   Best of all, these high quality devices are cost effective, practical and comfortable to use.

If you want to protect your staff from accidental cuts, improve productivity and reduce damage to products through accidental knife cuts through packaging,  then talk to us about switching to the Easy-Cut range today!

   Download the Easy Cut Guide to Safe Cutting

Every Cut 1000 Box Cutter
This remarkable tool is a Cardboard Box Opener or Cardboard Cutter with a built in strap/stretch wrap slicer and tape splitter.   It is both easy to use and excellent value for money!  And as with all our safety cutters and box knives, the Every Cut 1000 Box Cutter allows you to cut in confidence, knowing that the product inside the box will always be damage free - the patented capped blade protects the product during every cut... Read more
Easy Cut 2000 Safety Knife
Easy-Cut 2000 has the same benefits and safety features as the Easy-Cut 1000, but several new design enhancements have also been added to this safety knife. A slight increase in the blade length, a tape splitter and an edge guide that automatically deploys when the cutter is removed from the holster.   Read more
Easy Cut Blades
You can also purchase replacement blades for all Easy Cut models.  Read more about blades for all Easy Cut models. Read more
Easy Cut 6000 Safety Cutter
The Easy Cut 6000 series safety cutters are the latest addition to the Easy Cut range of safety cutters.  This is a very well priced cutter with all the innovation you would expect from Easy Cut.  The Easy Cut 6000 is ideal for cutting through stretch wrap and opening boxes. Read more…
Easy Cut 9000 Scissors / Strap Cutter
This is a scissor style cutter perfect for  removing strapping from boxes, shipping containers and pallets.  It takes minimal strength to use it and easily snips through all types of box and pallet strapping, making it perfect for all your staff you use.  Made of heavy duty steel construction this tool will last the distance.   It has a spring washer design which holds the blades tightly in place and ensures sharp, long-lasting blades, while the ergonomic handle with rubber inserts provides a comfortable, firm grip and solid leverage. Read more
Easy Cut Pocket Cutter
Dual safety features of this knife include a small secondary trigger button inside the main trigger mechanism that must be squeezed in order to activate the blade. This prevents the blade from extending while not in use, allowing safe storage in pockets, drawers, tool boxes, etc. Read more