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18 July 2012

Hi Melanie,

I have just placed another order for 200 WarmMark -18°C Temperature Indicators.  We find they are very compact and ‘user friendly’, contributing to our delivery of a safe service to our customers.

Thank you!

Vladimir Slyshkov
New Zealand Blood Service
T: 09 523 5740  |  71 Great South Rd, Epsom, Private Bag 92-071, Auckland 1142 |

F L Bone & Son Ltd

“As sole New Zealand agents for the high quality English Aga, Rayburn and Rangemaster cookers, we distribute large numbers of these cookers all over New Zealand from our Hastings Warehouse. It is very important to us that these cookers are transported carefully and arrive without damage.We have used “Shockwatch® ” labels for a number of years and found they contribute towards safer and more careful handling of our cookers. The mere presence of the “Shockwatch®” label on a consignment is a clear indication that the shipment is fragile and if it is not treated carefully it will be recorded.”

Tony Bone

F L Bone & Son Ltd
Architectural Hardware Merchants
Aga, Rayburn, Rangemaster Cookers.
P O Box 52  Hastings  New Zealand
Phone  64  (06)  873 0282
Fax    64   (06)   873 0384

A viewpoint from the coal-face:

Safeguarding the condition of goods in transit is a priority for New Zealand manufacturers aiming to meet customer expectations, and our top exporters have long understood the importance of effectively managing the packaging and delivery process in order to preserve the condition of goods-in-transit.

As well as imposing significant delays and losses on the national and international supply-chain networks, recurring costs from damage-in-transit can run into the millions.

The Shockwatch products supplied by Anthony Klinac and the team at Shockwatch New Zealand provide manufactures with a range of simple, cost effective mechanisms to ensure goods are properly handled and damages are accounted for.  The simplicity of application makes the installation of Shockwatch products straightforward for dispatch personnel at the point of departure, and the high-visibility of Shockwatch products means carriers are acutely aware of the “monitored” status of the goods while in transit.

As process improvement consultant to some of New Zealand’s most successful manufacturers and exporters, we highly recommend the range of Shockwatch products to any organization looking to protect the value of their products and the good-will of their customers.

Doug Clayton
Managing Director
Catspaw Communications Limited

Hi Anthony,

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service you have provided to date.

We have had a fantastic response from our customers with the introduction of the Shockwatch and Tiltwatch systems.

We see real benefits using the Shockwatch and Tiltwatch labels. The combination of these labels is the equivalent of an insurance policy as the handler at every point of the journey is alerted firstly to the fact that the goods do need extra care, and secondly that if the goods are mistreated he will be caught red handed, there is no dispute. When the goods pass from one point to another they are checked and signed for, therefore accepting responsibility at that point.

It’s great to be able to offer customers a damage prevention system that really works!

Thanks again for all your help.


Andy Mitchell
MCL Packaging Limited
10A Rennie Drive
Airport Oaks
Ph (09) 275 9487
Fx (09) 275 8326
Mob (021) 360 306

Dear Anthony Klinac

Just to let you know how we use and appreciate your Shockwatch labels. This carton containing a cello was refused on arrival by one of our retailers as the Shockwatch label had been activated, and the resulting damage to the instrument lay fairly and squarely with the courier concerned. The minimal cost of your labels more than off-sets the hours of form filling, the ducking for cover by the courier companies and their underwriters, and late payments if they finally do accept liability for their rough handling.

Thanks Again,
Allan McDonnell
Warehouse Manager,  Music Ways Ltd

17B William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland